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Probabilistic Data Analysis for the Petroleum Industry: Well Logs, Core Data, Seismic.
-Who We Are : Alan Curtis

Alan Curtis is a graduate of the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia, with a BE in Groundwater Engineering and a PhD in Porous Media Physics.  After an early career in academia and then applied research with CSIRO Australia, he joined BHP Billiton Petroleum as a Petroleum Reservoir Engineer.  He retired from BHP several years ago after more than 25 years of field development experience, having worked on over 30 different oil and gas fields globally.

For his last 12 years in BHP Billiton in his role as the Reservoir Technology Development Manager, Alan focussed particularly on those aspects of technology development relating to reservoir characterisation, geocellular modelling, seismic depth/velocity calibration, and pore pressure prediction.  He was responsible for the introduction of a range of technologies relating to multi-scale reservoir characterisation, including digital rock analysis, rock typing, and upscaling from the pore scale to the reservoir scale.  Many of the technologies introduced into the company were developed from successful JIP participation.

Alan has been associated with eGAMLS for almost twenty years, first as a client, then as a developer of software during industry sponsorship, and then as a Principal of the business for the last four years.  As the Reservoir Technology Director of eGAMLS, Alan’s experience in applied reservoir characterisation and modelling complements the range of skills of other professionals within the eGAMLS team.  His work focuses on integrating core derived data with wireline log data and moving the results to reservoir scale, thereby adding value to oil and gas field development and management.

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