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Probabilistic Data Analysis for the Petroleum Industry: Well Logs, Core Data, Seismic.
- Who We Are : Bernard Burdick

Bernard Burdick has over 35 years of experience in statistical pattern recognition and algorithm development. He was a Division Director of Nichols Research Corporation (NRC) for over 15 years and directed the development of KENN, NRC's user-friendly, menu-driven pattern recognition system. KENN is based on the ideas of Prof. Keinosuke Fukunaga of Purdue University. Dr. Burdick directed several projects for ARPA and NASA involving the application of MLANS to the detection and recognition of targets in a ground clutter environment with a high resolution Synthetic Over-the-Horizon Radar for the USAF Rome Laboratory. Prior to joining NRC, Dr. Burdick was a staff member at MIT/Lincoln Laboratory for 14 years. More recently, he worked for, Inc. and for Torch Concepts. Dr. Burdick received his Ph.D. in Physics from Case Western Reserve University

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